5 Most Common Renovation Mistakes People Make

Whether you want to renovate your apartment to change the ambience, whether the renevation is necessary, due to malfunctions in the house, we cannot talk about renovating the apartment without talking about some common mistakes, which most of the landlords do. So if you plan to renovate your apartment in the coming months, make sure you don’t make the mistakes listed below:

A realistic budget

Whatever plan you have, the money must represent the main landmark for a renovation. Depending on the budget, determine what you want to change in your apartment, then choose the materials that fit your financial resources. If you have no experience in such situations, you must know that the budget on paper will never be the real one. Most of the time, works exceed and 50% initial financial expectations. If you see that you can’t fit all your plans into your current budget, wait a little while until you have all the money you need.

Floor level

Many renovation works usually assume the expansion of the inner space, by closing a balcony and removing the separation wall from the room. If you find yourself in this situation, be sure to nivelezi the floor so you don’t wake up with a slanted floor.

Inspection of sanitary and electrical installations

If you’re going to renovate the house, change the tiles, the tile and the parquet, you better start hiring a few craftsmen to check your electrical and plumbing equipment in the house. Thus, you can take all necessary measures from the start, not after all the works have been completed. You don’t want to change a pipe in the bathroom after the tile has already been put.

Wall Straightening

Each general apartment renovation must begin with a complete cleaning of the walls of the house and their straightening. For a successful work, you must call a skim for interior finishes, which will give you smooth leveling of surfaces and filling holes of small size or cracks prior to painting. The Strambi walls can prove a real problem especially in the case of narrow spaces. Where the camera’s angles are not perfect, the furniture might be in big trouble in the plans of the house.

Checking up on the workers

The choice of a team for renovation must be done carefully. You always go to the hands of professionals to avoid unpleasant situations where the end result is not at all what you expected. Once you’ve found a working team that you can trust, organize your time with your family so that every moment someone can oversee the renovation of the house. Only then will you be able to make decisions for last-minute changes that will not give you all the plans over your head and you will be able to avoid some possible work mistakes in every renovation..

Photo: Houzz.com

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