4 things you should never clean with baking soda

The fact that baking soda helps to clean up many objects in the house is a thing known to everyone. In the past, we discussed its benefits and we talked about 8 uses of sodium bicarbonate here. We saw that it helps us to get rid of the fat that accumulates on kitchen cabinets; Help us get rid of unpleasant odors from the refrigerator; We can clean the bed mattress with it; And last but not least, it is a natural and very effective solution against mildew.
Therefore, there is no doubt that baking soda can save us in many situations but, however, there are certain things that we should never clean with it because we risk damaging them. 

4 things you should never clean with baking soda

Aluminum cookware

You can clean most metal objects with baking soda but avoid cleaning the aluminum ones because they are more sensitive and you can destroy them. If you leave the baking soda to act on aluminum objects, they will oxidiate.

Antique silver

It is right that many  recommend to clean the silver jewelry with baking soda but in the case of antique silver, it is recommended to use a special solution, especially if it has certain details with pearls or different gems.

Gold-plated serving pieces

It’s unlikely that many of your big serving pieces are actually plated with 24k gold — most likely it’s brass or a gold alloy, but if you really have a more precious, golden color set, do not clean it using baking soda because you risk destroying the obtjects.


Marble surfaces


Although sodium bicarbonate is not very abrasive, it can destroy any surface of the marble. It is recommended to use a special detergent for marble and to keep baking soda… for objects and surfaces something less pretentious.


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