Wood Pallet Desks – 6 Easy To Make Designs

Wood pallets are, probably, an inexhaustible resource when it comes to DIY projects ending up in new and original furniture items. Starting with beds, tables, chairs and desks to floors and other décor elements at home, the old shabby pallets can take on new contours, bringing a classic air into the rooms. We will this time focus our attention on wood pallet desks, listing a few designs and some images showing you how to build one at home.

The first example is as large as the world. Besides the stand, this original desk also comes with sufficient storage spaces on both sides, horizontally and vertically alike, which, as we can see in the image, are old wood crates neatly arranged, also supporting the stand.


Wood pallet desks homemade

Wood pallet desks – old crates as storage spaces and supporting posts

Use wisely any available corner in your home. A small size desk, perfectly matching a corner, along some beautifully crafted hanging shelves, are an option within reach that help you efficiently make use of the house plan.

Wood pallet desks homemade

Wood pallet desks – use any available corner wisely

It can’t get any simpler than that! An old pallet brought back to life with some paint and some reclaimed planks make up a fine desk that also fit narrow spaces which only highlight its practical side even more.

Wood pallet desks homemade

Wood pallet desks – simple, yet efficient

A similar example, but with book shelves included, in the image below. This time the handyman chose to keep the classy look of the old wood pallet for extra authenticity. The images attached below show you the necessary steps to follow in order to get such a desk radiating personality.

Wood pallet desks homemade

Wood pallet desks – original furniture, built step by step

If the space allows, then build a desk for kids, too, with an adjacent bench included. With a built-in storage space, the tiny, yet original desk will challenge the little ones to discover the secrets of knowledge. Don’t forget to sand and varnish the old planks, a rule which is also applicable to the other projects.

Wood pallet desks homemade

Wood pallet desks – kids’ small learning corner

birou din paleti Wood pallet desks 6

The last images show a desk built through a simple method, but one which brought a superior aesthetic value to a room. Several sanded pallet boards put together in different sizes and colors make up the stand that the user then put it on shelf holders. A little gap was left in the row of wood against the wall to be used for passing cables. On the left, he used an old bathroom cupboard as storage space, adjusting the height by means of a wine crate. The final result is a tasteful professional corner built with a minimum effort and little imagination.

Wood pallet desks homemade

Wood pallet desks – improvise with good taste, using anything available

birou din paleti Wood pallet desks 8 birou din paleti Wood pallet desks 9 birou din paleti Wood pallet desks 10

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