Tiny Houses – 6 Charming Cribs

Small doesn’t necessarily mean discomfort. This is clearly proven by thousands of people who have chosen to find their happiness on surfaces so small one would find it unimaginable to be associated with a living space. We have and we will again write about the new passion more and more people all over the world are embracing, those tiny houses which are the perfect universe for those who find in simplicity the shortest way to their spiritual fulfillment. Below are several examples of tiny houses, full of charm and personality, as seen on Countryliving.com.

The first example is a house sitting on only 18 square meters, built near Boise, state of Idaho. A family of four live here following an investment of 11,000 USD, but they are happy they can now able to live rent- and mortgage-free.


Tiny houses for all

Tiny houses – debt free life

The second example lies on a surface of 23 square meters and features a design which mimics a traditional corn crib. The house, built from recycled materials, can be dismantled and relocated to another site. Unlike the previous example, this crib features a loft where the sleeping area is found.

Tiny houses for all

Tiny houses – a small, but practical crib

The third tiny house spreads on 19 square meters and comes from the state of Tennessee. Like in the previous cases, this tiny house is the dream come true of a family who wanted to break free from the city hustle and rediscover the simple life, close to nature.

Tiny houses for all

Tiny houses – a dream come true

If we told you that what you see below here lies on 8 square meters and someone lives in there, it may be hard to believe. It was built by a woman from the ground up after a near-death experience. Constructed atop a metal truck trailer, the tiny bungalow houses a kitchen counter with a propane one-burner, a sleeping loft, solar-powered lights, a composting toilet and a sink.

Tiny houses for all

Tiny houses – cozy 8 square meters

Even though small, a tiny house can be as elegant as a classic-sized home and the example below is eloquent in this way. Featuring a chic façade, with arches and skylights, the house packs enough space to accommodate all types of rooms we find in a classic house.

Tiny houses for all

Tiny houses – perfect elegance

The last example shows a truly unique home. Spread on just 22 square meters, this tiny house floats off-shore, along the coast of the state of Maine. At night, candles, oil lamps, and solar lights illuminate the home, giving the tiny house a distinct personality.

Tiny houses for all

Tiny houses – the floating cabin

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