20 easy and cheap ways to decorate your garden

Each of us has a few pieces of furniture and old decorations in the house, which we can no longer find a corner in our home, but it is difficult for us to throw hem away. For those who own a house and enjoy a garden, be it and a small one, a very good solution would be to turn them into decorative objects for the garden. How can we do that, we find out from the ranks below. So, continue reading to see how you decorate the garden with old things in the house and discover 20 great ideas.

20 easy and cheap ways to decorate your garden

As we see in the ranks below, an old staircase, which you no longer use, can be easily transformed into a flower stand, for example. It can be painted and decorated, as it pleases, as in the images attached slightly below. Still in a flower stand can be transformed and an old chandelier, which no longer fits in any room in the house. All you need is a chandelier, plastic pots (how many arms the chandelier has, so many pots), paint for the exterior, if you want to color the holder, glue to paste the pots and a hook to cling to the support obtained.

Then the old bikes also catch their lives if you paint and arrange baskets of flowers. On the other hand, you can use an old sink as a pot and frame it in a wooden frame painted with white. Plant Flowers of white alyssum, and the few carefully placed plates will enhance the illusion of a soap foam. An old cage can also be reused in the garden. All you have to do is paint it with white to give it a romantic air and replace the canary with… Different plants, either cactuses or running flowers. Last but not least, if you mess up an old cauldron, even if it’s rusty, or even a couple of tin cans or buckets, you can use them as pots, which will give you a vintage garden air. Also, the old pieces of furniture, such as small cabinets with drawers or cabinets can be refurbished and painted, and flowers can be planted in the drawers.



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