20 DIY Key Holders & Racks For Your Home

When you move to a new home, you are concerned about important aspects such as choosing the right furniture, but equally important are the decorations and other details that actually customize the dwelling. If you want to change the ambiance of the house or if you are simply looking for special accessories for your home, we present in the ranks below some examples of key holders that you can accomplish alone, without too much effort:

20 DIY Key Holders & Racks For Your Home

Surely in the stores you find such accessories, but as beautiful as these key holders are so easy to achieve. You can make a simple stand, only for keys or you can opt for a larger one, in which to store and sunglasses, documents or other things you wish to have at your fingertips. You can also opt for decorative items such as a small flower pot or a frame, for example. No more talk and we present you in the ranks below no less than 20 key holders, to inspire you, if you want such an accessory for your home:


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