17 Moroccan Decor Ideas for Exotic Outdoor Spaces

During the summer time, it is a real pleasure to spend time together with family and friends in the garden. Grilled dishes, soft drinks, a rocking chair and possibly a swimming pool, or even an inflatable one are the ingredients of a successful weekend. But today we intend to introduce you to another way of creating a space ideal to relax. So, here’s how you decorate the courtyard and the garden in Moroccan style.

17 Moroccan Decor Ideas for Exotic Outdoor Spaces

After we have presented  some examples of bedrooms decorated in Moroccan style, we come back today with 17 images to inspire when decorating the courtyard and garden in Moroccan style. Thus, we recommend that you opt out of the classic wooden benches and choose a special rocking chair for many decorative pillows, which you can place directly on the grass, for example. Then invest in candlesticks, candles and other elements specific to the Moroccan style. One of the advantages of this style is that there is no concept of “too much”. So do not hesitate to place as many decorations. Unlike the minimalist style, if you want to decorate your backyard and garden in Moroccan style, more means better. Here are 17 examples to inspire:




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