16 Beautiful Living Room Accent Wall Ideas

Until a few years ago, most people were opting for white-walled dwellings. Then some of them chose to decorate their homes with colorful pieces of furniture, while others were still oping for light colors, so that the entire house would be bright and more spacious. Today, the Romans are much bravest when it comes to arranging housing. Many of them successfully integrate the wallpaper, and others even dare to set up a room with black walls. In today’s article we are discussing another trend that is becoming more popular among the Romans: a wall of accent in the living room.

16 Beautiful Living Room Accent Wall Ideas

An accent wall can be easily integrated into any room, but most choose the bathroom, living room, bedroom or children’s rooms. Thus, for the bathroom you can choose, for example, for a brick wall or one made of wood. Similarly, if you want a bedroom full of personality, we recommend you to choose a wooden wall. In terms of the living room, interior design specialists recommend either the wallpaper or a color in contrast to the other walls. Thus, depending on your preferences, but also depending on your budget, we recommend that you opt for a model of wallpaper with a strong print and keep the rest of the walls in an open color, such as white, gray or cream. On the other hand, you can opt for a wall accent in a strong color, such as red, blue, yellow, orange or even black. If you choose the second variant, you will be advised to decorate the room with simple pieces of furniture, preferably in light colors. Next, we present you 16 models to inspire:


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