15 Small Bedroom Design Ideas

If you have a small bedroom, then surely you know how hard it is to find a storage place for every thing you would like to keep in the bedroom. Thus, in the ranks below we propose some ideas of storage spaces for small bedrooms, but not only. Here are our suggestions:

15 Small Bedroom Design Ideas

In the movies, it seems that all the characters have a large bed and a closet that stretches throughout the bedroom wall, while the other is a desk and two armchairs. In reality, however, most of us have bedrooms (better said, apartments) of small size, in which we have to store all personal belongings, in a more creative way. Starting from this idea, we present in the ranks below 12 ideas of storage spaces for small bedrooms. The basic rule, when you want to arrange a small space, is to decorate vertically. Thus, as far as possible, we recommend you to install shelves and racks where you can store from accessories, to books or even garments. Here are some examples:

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