13 Easy Nightstand Ideas

Undoubtedly, the nightstand is indispensable in the bedroom. More in the joke, more seriously, we can say that is the piece of furniture that saves us many times. Here we can keep the books we want to read before bedtime, as well as a glass of water, eyewear or alarm clock. But just because it’s a necessary piece of furniture, that doesn’t mean you need to buy one. Incidentally, in the ranks below we present 13 bedside tables that you can build yourself, without too much effort.

13 Easy Nightstand Ideas

When it comes to bedside tables, people divide into two major categories. Thus, some of them prefer to store on the nightstand or in its drawers all the things they consider they need in the morning, evening or during the night. On the other hand, some choose to place only decorative objects, such as a frame with the photograph of their loved ones or a vase with flowers, for example. Regardless of your preferences, we present in the ranks below 13 bedside tables that you can build yourself with few materials and a lot of imagination.


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