100 Square Meter Garden Design Ideas

We’ve said it many times so far, whether referring to small living rooms, bedrooms or balconies, that small doesn’t necessarily mean inaccessible. On the contrary, small spaces challenge the imagination and effects are even more impressive and greater and so is the satisfaction in the end. Craving for the green pockets and relaxing corner, all you have to do is not let yourself be discouraged by small surfaces when planning a garden – your well-being oasis. Be inspired by these 100 square meter garden design ideas and turn the small space into one of complete leisure.

We have previously given you some practical tips for 100 square meter vegetable garden so you can optimize your crop despite the small area. Here is the article by clicking on this link.

Just as experts recommend when it comes to a veggie garden, garden planning is the most important aspect that you must take into account. Any idea comes to life much easier if it is written down where you will have an overview of your little garden design choices. One can experience various ideas to decorate a small garden, ending with a short list.

The sketches on a piece of paper helps you find better choices of routes, such as alleys, concrete platforms and groups of plants. Large trees can be represented using circles that simulate their tops. Trees can be an excellent source of shade in the garden, but they may also pose problems in maintaining a waterfall or a decorative pond under their tops.

Equally, choosing a focal point of interest in the garden is an important aspect that you must not forget when drawing garden plan. For example, for a small garden of about 100 square meters, you can consider rock design ideas, a fountain for birds, a playground for children, flower beds, a small decorative pond and even a corner with vegetables and herbs.

If space permits, an arrangement with a decorative pond and possibly a small waterfall will increase the attractiveness of your garden and enhance the value of your property at the same time. Near the pond, the temperature will be lower by 1, 2 degrees compared to the rest of the space in hot summer days, so you can arrange a small seating area with a table and two chairs, next to the water. Here are some other small garden ideas in this previous article.

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