10 Cute Ways to Organize Your Coffee Cups

You’d think that when you set up a house are only important pieces of furniture and decorations, but this is not true. Interior design specialists know very well that details make the difference, and a tastefully decorated house is a house where no object is randomly placed. So, in the ranks below we show you how to store your mugs for a glamorous abode.

10 Cute Ways to Organize Your Coffee Cups

Smaller, larger, with flowers or with messages, you have too many mugs and you do not know what to do with them. Rather than keep them in the closet, you better find them a decorative role. Thus, a wooden wardrobe with spaces for each cup is a simple variant to arrange your collection of mugs. You can leave the wood in its natural color or paint it in what color you prefer. Or you can only use simple shelves, for example. But you have to be careful when you’re handling them, lest you break one. You know those simple stands for flower pots? It’s time to get them out of storage and give them a new use. A wooden board and a few metal brackets-that’s what you need to make a stand for your mugs, whether they’re collectible or not. The more colorful, the better.



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