10 clever ways to use mirrors to make your home feel bigger and brighter

Arranging a small house can be a real challenge, but if you follow some essential rules, the result can be a spectacular one. Thus, one of the favorite tricks of interior design specialists is the use of mirrors to give the impression of bigger space. These, if positioned correctly, reflect the natural light and make the room brighter, leaving the impression that it is much more spacious. Next, we discover how we use mirrors to give the impression of larger space and see some examples.

10 clever ways to use mirrors to make your home feel bigger and brighter

As we said in the rows above, mirrors are used to reflect light because, most of the time, the dark cameras give the impression of a smaller space and cramped. The solution consists in the location of a mirror on the wall opposite the window.

For example, it is advisable to place a large mirror in the entrance hall. This will create the impression of a larger and brighter space. If possible, cover a whole wall with the mirror-it will have both a practical role (because it allows you to make small touches, before leaving the house) and an aesthetic role. A mirror wall can be extremely useful in the bedroom or in the bathroom because it will open significantly space. A bed or a table located right next to a mirror wall gives the impression that space has doubled.

On the other hand, if you have a fireplace, you can place a mirror right next to it-the mirror will reflect the warm light of the fire and create a bright place.

Another option to make small spaces appear large is the location of mirrors on the ceiling. This little trick is for the windowless toilets or the pantry, for example. When the lights light up, the illusion of a skylight is created. Another variant is the location of a large mirror above the sink.

Another trick is to place a lamp or candle in front of a mirror, which helps to spread the light across the room. This effect can be achieved if you place the illuminated objects on a shelf, even immediately below the mirror. If you have a large mirror, opt for a lamppost. In a room without window, this trick helps to create a light that comes from outside.



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